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Feb 2016
Updated: 24th February 2016
We hope this letter reaches you well and in good spirts this is the first Newsletter of 2016 so grab a few minutes and find out what’s been happening with Hotcats.

We’d like to start by saying a massive thank you to everyone who worked for Hot Cats during a fantastic 2015. We achieved good growth throughout the year and this wouldn’t have been possible without your support and dedication.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to our timesheet request in our last newsletter. While there are a few people who have yet to master it, on the whole we’re spending considerably less time chasing people to ensure they get paid. Please keep this up time spent not chasing you for timesheets is time spent sourcing jobs for you.

Looking forward to 2016 and we want to continue growing and improving. One thing that will help, is keeping us informed of your availability. It means we can work efficiently and waste less time calling people who aren’t available for a shift. So if you’ve been asked to pick up your distance relative from the airport or if you need to take your pet platypus to the vets, that’s perfectly fine: just let us know so we can update our records.

Temp of the Quarter – Even though he has recently taken a full time job, he’s continuing to support Hot Cats and has always made himself available to help us fill a booking. So for his ‘never say no’ attitude and the positive feedback we receive for him, we’d like to award Peter Solet as spring’s Temp of the Quarter.

What can we do – As an agency, we like to think we’re very supportive of all our employees and we try our best to build a friendly working relationship. However, we know we’re not perfect and we sometimes get things wrong – or practices move on and we’re not making use of new ideas. If you can think of any improvements we could make, or if you have any new ideas on the way we work, we’d love to hear it!

Testimonials – We’re in the process of updating our website and we’d love to feature some fresh, new testimonials from our temps. If you enjoy your experience working with us and would like to contribute a few words, we’d be extremely grateful if you could email a few sentences to

Feb 2016 Continued
Updated: 24th February 2016
And to finish a few words from the office team:

Joy - For those of you who do not know who I am, I’m the one who hopefully gets your wages correct. I work all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning, so if you ever have a problem with your payments, these are the days you can get hold of me to let me know about it.

Hopefully that won’t happen, but if you do have a problem please call me, and I will endeavor to sort it out for you.

Claire – For those who don’t know I worked with Hot Cats back 2008, and I’m happy to be back seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new people. I work Monday – Thursdays and I’m always happy to help with everything from sending out timesheets to noting your availability.

Adrian – Similarly to Claire, I used to work for Hot Cats back in 2005 -2009,
so it was fantastic to come ‘home’ to Hot Cats over two years ago now., I always enjoy meeting temps both past and present, and sometimes I come across people I’ve not seen in the catering industry for years. What also gives me a real buzz is seeing Hot Cats grow year-by-year, which we can only do with temps, clients and my office colleagues pulling together – so thank you for all your support last year, let’s hope this year is a successful one too.

Daryl – I really enjoy working with everyone, office and temps a like, and it’s always a pleasure catching up with everyone on race day at Newbury and meeting a few of the Bristol Temps. I’d like to also say a personal thank you to everyone who works with us and look forward to working with you for many more years to come.

Tracey – Thank you all for the support you have given to Hot Cats over the years, from new temps to ones that have been with us on-and-off for years: thank you for your support. I work Monday to Friday 9am-3pm, if you would like to see me for any reason please call in between those hours and I’ll be happy to catch up with you.

Summer newsletter 2015
Updated: 28th July 2015

Hello and welcome to our
summer Newsletter,
We hope you have been enjoying
the good weather and let us
hope that there is much more
of that good sunshine to come.

There has been a lot of
positive feedback at Hot Cats
since our last Newsletter and
we would like to share that
good news with you…. So let us
Badminton Horse trail was
really successful and this is
what our client at Grayson’s
said “over the past 10 year
this was the best team we have
had so thank you to all that
worked on this event”.
Marlborough College annual
Summer Ball has been another
success, the client was
thrilled with the team, and
you know who you are so a big
pat on the back well deserved.

Temporary worker of the
Quarter goes to Iain Burgess.
Since being with us, Iain has
proven repeatedly to be an
outstanding worker gaining
constant positive feedback,
from our clients.
A big thank you to Iain on
behalf of all at Hot Cats, we
would also like to thank all
of you for the hard work and
commitment that you give to
Hot Cats because without you
we would not be the success
that we are, so thank you.

Little moan sadly about the
timesheets. Please make sure
you get them in by 9am at the
latest on Monday morning, no
timesheet no pay!!!!!!!!

Please keep us updated with
your availability, we aim to
offer you as much work as you
like and it helps us if we
know when you are free, if
this changes you can always
let us know and we will of
course take you off the
availability list.

Introduce a friend and earn
yourself some money, ask your
consultant for more

Office personnel changes : for
anyone that has worked for us
for a long time you may well
remember Claire Underdown,
Claire has come back on board
with us and settling in really
nicely to welcome back Claire.

We are on the move in Bristol
this is due to the property
owner selling the building;
our new humble abode in
Bristol will be:

Hotel and Catering Recruitment
Regus House
1 Friary
Temple Quay
This will be our new address
from 1st August.
Please contact the office on
the normal number so that we
can let you know when Adrian
will be there.

A reminder of uniform, please
make sure that you have the
correct uniform and shoes with
you when attending an
assignment, the dress code is
in your staff hand book:
o White, long sleeved
with a collar shirt/blouse,
black trousers, or black knee
length skirt.
o Black Catering shoes
which are either flat, low
and/or court heeled and
o When wearing a skirt,
tights that are plain and
black or flesh coloured.

o White, long sleeved
with a collar shirt
o Black trousers which
are smart, pressed Strictly no
o Black Catering shoes
clean and polished
o Chef jacket and Apron
o Chef trousers
o Safety shoes
o Hat

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